TSEF goes disco gala (2×04)

Ivy Monteiro, pronouns they/them/she/her, board member and president of Trans Safety Emergency Fund (TSEF)* is a guest on this episode of Queer durch die Musik. With host Alex Post, pronouns she/he, they talk about the beginnings of TSEF, the current challenges, what has already been achieved and what is still to come and to be expected. They also discuss how allies can support the so needed TSEF. The second hour focuses on the TSEF disco gala. Ivy gives us an insight into the event of the 24 August 2023, which will take place in Zurich at the Schiffsbautherater. They share all the deeds about the acts, awards, food and auctions.

The two-hour live broadcast is mainly accompanied by music selected by the TSEF board.

Listen to it, share it and buy a ticket to the TSEF disco gala if you can.

*TSEF: The fist BIPO and Trans-led fund based in Switzerland focused on supporting Trans lives financially.
More info on TSEF: https://transsafety.fund/ and @transsafetyemergencyfund


Song list of the broadcast

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